Academic tutoring for K-12 students

We provide academic tutoring for your student in any subject and any grade both in-person or online (Skype or Facetime). Online tutoring provides all the benefits of one-on-one tutoring without the boundaries of physical location. We can work with your child no matter where he or she lives.  We utilize a screen-sharing digital whiteboard allowing student and tutor to have a complete educational experience. Included in the tutoring service are weekly updates to the parent as well as communication and coordination with the student’s teacher as requested to provide the best possible academic opportunity for your child.  We also provide application and essay assistance for seniors seeking to enroll in college or university.  Ask us about our multi-year packages for your family to assist your student from freshman year to college!

Mrs. Payne’s compassion of teaching lessons in AND out of the classroom, I truly believe, was the turning point in my son’s life. She inspired him to find his confidence and internal drive to get involved with others and work as a team or joint effort to achieve a common goal. He turned from a total loner as a freshmen to playing every sport and being on the yearbook committee as a senior. Now a freshmen in college, not only does he look back on his high school years with fond memories J but it has also motivated him down a path to be successful in life. I will be forever grateful to Mrs. Payne for believing in my son and most of all showing him how to believe in himself!
— Sonja Loftis
My son Nicholas has made improvements in math and reading comprehension since working with Jennifer. He has become more confident and has gained a head start for the third grade. Jennifer is patient and was able to recognize areas for improvement that have been missed from his teachers over the years. I highly recommend Jennifer and the services that she offers!
— Alisha (mom of Nicholas, 3rd grader and online client from Georgia)
Words can’t express what Miss Jennifer has done for my family! She has been a true God send to my daughter Leiah. My daughter is 8 years old and has been struggling academically since preschool. She would hardly complete classwork, homework, and reading was extremely challenging. Since she has been going to Miss Jennifer, Leiah has gone from barely reading at a 1st grade level to reading chapter books with confidence and understanding what she reads. Leiah also is able to keep up in school with her mathematics. She enjoys learning now and talks about what she wants to become when she grows up! Miss Jennifer’s kind heart, compassion, and devotion to helping my daughter is not found often. She goes above and beyond for my daughter and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done and continues to do for Leiah!!
— Amy (mom of Leiah, 2nd grader and in-person client from California)
The work that Mrs. Payne did with my student over the summer showed huge improvement in not only her academic knowledge, but also her confidence. Leiah was timid in our first testing and was not sure of herself as a learner. After working with Mrs. Payne over the summer, Leiah felt confident. At one point during the testing at the end of the summer, Leiah smiled at me and said, ‘I actually know how to do this!’
— Miss Gorton (2nd grade teacher of Leiah, Faith Christian School in California)
The confidence my oldest son has gained in his essay writing skills has been such a huge gift that Mrs. Payne gave with her amazing skills as an educator and as an inspirational person. Matthew had been struggling with his first basic college writing class and had to repeat it for a better grade. By meeting weekly for tutoring either in person or via internet, my son’s abilities have exceeded my expectation an earned him high marks from a mid-term and in class essays. Matthew has gained not only the skill needed for improved written communication, but has more to say because of his self-assurance obtained from Mrs. Payne’s teaching and passion to help others. Her devotion to watching students improve themselves is truly appreciated by myself and my son.
— Deanna Tonn (Mother of Matthew, a college freshman)