About Us

Jennifer is wife to her soulmate and mommy to her two children, Ben, the rock star hockey monkey and incoming senior home school student (age 17), and Hannah (age 20), third-year UCLA student, majoring in American Literature (be still her mama’s literature lovin’ heart).  Jennifer has been a teacher for 20 years, spanning all grades K-12.  She has her Master’s degree in Secondary Education and is CEO of Victory Garden Kids.  She is a college advisor and tutor for students that she adores.  Jennifer’s heart fuels her to be an advocate for children and parents and feels this relationship is the key to raising victorious kids that are going to rule the planet!  Jennifer enjoys getting mani/pedis with her daughter, watching her son shred on his snowboard, and exploring new cities with her husband.

Jeff has been married to his best friend for 24 years, has two wonderful kids and is executive director of multiple organizations that provide services to disabled adults, spending his 25-year career developing programs and staff to help those who cannot help themselves without the assistance from loving caregivers that have their well-being as the greatest priority – just like parents do. Jeff has his Masters degree in Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare, and is CFO of Victory Garden Kids.  Jeff believes in parent leadership and valuing children as unique individuals and that this is done by achieving personal balance in the roles of  father/husband/self/worker.  Jeff loves hanging out with his kids and eating great meals on dates with his wife.