Extraordinary Kid Jake


Jake is the first 14 year-old CEO I’ve ever met! On a trip to Carmel for our 24th anniversary in June, Jeff and I found a jar of sage honey on a shelf in a specialty shop that drew our attention. Jeff knows how much I love cutesy honeys in my coffee and showed me the jar. What drew my eye was first the cute little Carmel Honey Company logo, but what was on the back is what really got my attention! This company founder was a boy! A boy that loves bees! I immediately reached out to Jake and was honored to interview Jake about how he came to be the owner of hundred of hives, a honey expert that travels the world educating others and tasting exotic honeys,  and an Extraordinary Entrepeneur—at the age of 14!! Watch our video interview below. You’ll meet Jake, his mom and business partner, Becky (Dad and Sister are a part of the family buzz, I mean biz, too), and a bunch of bees that join us on the interview as well! And if you get the chance, visit www.carmelhoneycompany.com and buy some great honey that Jake and his family removed from the hives themselves. You won’t BEE-LIEVE how amazing this kid is and how he’s going to be a world changer, one hive at a time!

Jennifer Payne