Welcome to Victory Garden Kids!

Victory Garden Kids was created many years ago while I was teaching middle school. I noticed that many students in our school were struggling with getting their homework done at home. We wondered where the disconnect was and found that it was primarily a systems problem; when I met with parents, we found that their homes were unintentionally not conducive for academic success in the evenings. We began helping parents become ACADEMIC PARENTS, working with them to ensure that after school time worked around homework time, instead of shoe-horning homework into a busy night filled with other obligations, and that a parent’s involvement was conducive to helping instead of accidentally hindering, based on student learning style and need, rather than a parent’s style of learning. With a few simple suggestions, we found that homework scores and even test scores, after effective home study time, increased rapidly. Since then, after teaching for 20 years and offering private tutoring to students, Victory Garden Kids has become a thriving online and in-person tutoring opportunity for kids, incorporating academic parenting sessions into each student’s individual program.

We work for the benefit of the student academically to provide programs and sessions that the whole family can benefit from. We speak with parents to find what they need to best academically support their children, regardless of the family dynamic. Often, children are dealing with a two-home divorce situation, or are in a situation where they are alone with their studies at night while parents are working, etc. We then work with co-parents to create the most beneficial academic situation for a child.

VGK also supports students for the long haul. We get to know a child in their elementary and middle school years and move into high school with them, traveling the journey to college acceptance. We offer a long term program where we tutor them in areas of need, help track their successes and achievements, guide them through the maze of internships, volunteer hours, service projects, class selections, etc., helping them make choices every year of high school-- then we help them transfer all of that information into a complete and excellent college application. We assist with essay editing and help them get their hearts and goals onto paper for their potential schools. The relationship that we build along the way with our students helps us help them show their best selves.

We are excited to work together to help your child feel like a powerful, strong, life-long learner. Children who feel academically strong have the confidence and skill to become world-changing leaders.

Though grades and academic excellence are a focus for VGK, our ultimate goal is not to help a child get high marks; our goal is to uplift a child’s emotional and academic confidence so that they feel they are a force of good and joy in the world of which they are an integral part.


Love Grows Here: A 30-Day Guide to Growing World Changing, Victorious Kids, is a guide and workbook to assist parents in making effective loving, nurturing decisions that empower children and help them feel strong and valued in their world. Children who feel valued become leaders and world changers. They are the children that feel their presence can make a difference and benefit the planet.Our guide helps strengthen a parent’s actions and thoughts in just 30 days, by guiding them through exercises, examples, and scenarios that will frame a parent’s thinking in the most effective and beneficial way for their specific family.